Why Ethos ?

There is a 100% online process for buying. Instead of visiting Doctors and Path Labs for Medical Exams or Blood Test, just some health questions will give solutions. It gives you a policy in minutes rather than what traditionally took weeks of waiting. The reason you bought the insurance is your first priority.

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Mutual Fund vs ETF

There are many common things you can find in Mutual Funds and ETFs. It gives a good diversification opportunity to invest from both Mutual Funds and ETFs as they consist of many different assets. Though they are having similarities, they are having many differences. The major difference is ETFs can be traded on Intraday but Mutual Funds can be purchased at the end of each trading day only.

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7 Possible Risks of Personal Loan

In daily financial life, nobody knows when you need to borrow money to pay certain items as your current cash level just may not cover it. This can be financing your large item like any medical emergency or paying off any credit card debt. it’s a situation , you should make a loan and also many financial institutions are there to provide it.So it can be an unsecured personal loan.

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